I am Jeremy, I am a software engineer and this is my blog.

Escaping monopolies (or try)

1 Jun 2019

A few months ago, Microsoft decided to adopt chromium as a renderer for Edge. This made me reflect a bit more on how much of a monopoly Google has on the web. This post tells the story of how I tried to avoid the Google monopoly.

A sweet sweet trip!

31 Mar 2019

After having to sadly cancel our nice Venice escapade, we managed to salvage it quite efficiently with a sweet sweet trip to Bath! We saw Stonehenge and met friends the next day, we regret not going to Venice, but we were still very happy!

Things I have learned since leaving university

3 Mar 2019

When leaving university, most of my projects had been done over a relatively short amount of time and a limited scope. This post explores some of the things I have learnt by working in the industry.

HTTPS, HSTS, why I care and why you may care

24 Feb 2019

I like reading and learning about internet security and good practices. This article proposes an introduction to HTTPS and HSTS and explains why we should care about it.

Chi va piano va sano e va lontano!

23 Jul 2018

Some thoughts on taking things slowly. This is about my struggles to build new habits and just do what I want or need to do. Sometimes you just have to take it slow!


13 May 2018

After a weekend camping in the south of France without any access to internet or device displaying the time, I got inspired to write this short story about my impressions. This is partially fictional.

My little journey on the way to bringing more images to this blog

11 Mar 2018

I added thumbnails to my posts. Creating a user friendly thumbnail selector turned out to lead to quite a lot of googling. This relates my journey and struggles.

Images are theeeeeeere!

19 Feb 2018
It's late but I am still hard at work! I finalized the image uploading! This post is just pure happiness after finally finishing this piece of work very late in the night.

ZenPen.io inspired me to write... Something!

13 Feb 2018
I always feel like my writing is not good enough. But who should it be good enough for but me in the first place? I think that more people should just try and do what they think like and worry a bit less about how great it is.

LSBEngine: How did this blog happen?

4 Feb 2018
Why, how and ... why again? Anything you need to know. In this post I explain with more or less details the journey that brought me to write this blog!