ZenPen.io inspired me to write... Something!

13 Feb 2018

During my peregrinations on the internet I often stumble upon cool projects and tools. There are so many things out there that range from hilariously useless to absolute must have. When some of those tools happen to be free and nice to use I feel like I should give them some free advertisement.

This is why I would like to introduce you to ZenPen.io, a zen writing tool. If you often find yourself distracted when writing this would be the perfect tool for you. It offers a really simplistic user interface, free of any distraction and really easy to use while still offering the necessary tools to write a nice article. In fact, I am writing this piece on ZenPen. The idea here is that nothing should distract you from your perfect article. You get 4 discreet buttons to the right of the page, a blank page to fill and some options to format your text appear upon selections. Once your happy with your words, just press "Save Text" on the left of the page and export it to a convenient format.

One of the reasons I wanted to write about this simple yet ingenous tool is that I often feel like I just want to write, and it does not necessarily matter about what. I like the simple activity of writing and letting my mind go wild about some ideas. The problem is that, until now, I always felt like what I had on my mind was not worth writing be cause it all felt like random rambling or not good enough fiction. I only ended up actually writing something once or twice over the past 8 years and I feel like this is just not enough. Today I realize that this blog is mine and I can just write anything (while remaining respectful!) I have on my mind. Because this is a blank page I setup for myself, much like the blank page that welcomed me on ZenPen.

In the beginning I thought I should not write anything about ZenPen, because it was not interesting enough. But if I liked that tool, I think it is just fair to talk about it on my personal page, because thatÅ› what this page is for: it is for myself to talk of the things I want to talk about. And I hope that some people one day read this and get inspired to write something of their own, because it is a beautiful thing to be able to put some thoughts down on some page on the internet just for the love of producing said page. Because that's what passion is all about.