I am Jeremy, I am a software engineer and this is my blog.

Images are theeeeeeere!

19 Feb 2018
It's late but I am still hard at work! I finalized the image uploading! This post is just pure happiness after finally finishing this piece of work very late in the night.

ZenPen.io inspired me to write... Something!

13 Feb 2018
I always feel like my writing is not good enough. But who should it be good enough for but me in the first place? I think that more people should just try and do what they think like and worry a bit less about how great it is.

LSBEngine: How did this blog happen?

4 Feb 2018
Why, how and ... why again? Anything you need to know. In this post I explain with more or less details the journey that brought me to write this blog!

Coming soon...

22 Jan 2018